Welcome, Whiff Love!

The name Whiff Love is a play on the often used salutation, ‘with love’. The use of the word ‘whiff’ highlights how we associate certain fragrances and smells to specific memories and/or emotions.


When I started this site in mid-2013, I had just begun on my journey of using Young Living essential oils. Essential oils were not new to me, having been exposed to different brands since the year 2002 [read: My Journey to Young Living Essential Oils]. But using the Young Living brand was new to me.

I first developed this website to share how aromatherapy with natural, pure, therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils may allow you to achieve health, beauty and happiness for a wholesome and healthy life. I believe that a quick whiff of essential oils can quickly change how we feel, and may improve our mood.

Here are some articles that I prepared for those who are new to the world of essential oils:
> Why Use Essential Oils?
> Why Choose Young Living Essential Oils

Watch this video introduction to Young Living essential oils, made by the wizards at WDAV:-

The blog is updated frequently with my experiences using Young Living essential oils, and also with interesting information and videos that are related to well-being. There are also FREE essential oils art posts for you to download and share.

If you would like to buy some Young Living products, please read this article then contact me email-add for assistance. Joining our team of expert essential oil users ensures that you receive guidance for the use of Young Living products.

Starting from May 2015, information on nutrition and spirituality will be incorporated into the blog posts and on the site.

Happy reading, and I believe that you will find on Whiff Love encouragement for creating naturally wonderful, fragrant, and happy memories in your life!

Whiff (with) Love,

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NOTE: All materials in this website are for informative and educational purposes. It is not meant as a substitute for diagnosis by a medical professional. I strongly advise seeking the opinion of at least one, if not more, medical professional and do all the tests that you feel are necessary, before you decide on your course of recovery.